AMS 2 | Reiza veröffentlichte die finale Version v1.4.8.1 inkl. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Formula USA 2023 und Formula Junior

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Die nun aktuelle Version bringt den Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya als neues DLC, die Formula USA 2023 als Bestandteil von Racin USA Pt3 und als kostenloses Fahrzeug den Formula Junior-Einsitzer.

Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.4.8.1

  • Fixed missing rear wet compound for P1 2023 tires
  • F-USA 2023 (all variants): Revised engine torque curve and boost pressure mapping; Reduced default steering lock for speedway variant
  • F.Vintage Gen1: Initial force feedback revisions
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted AI start performance & DRS gains; Reduced dirty air effect; Adjusted thresholds for sparks to be generated from bottoming out
  • F-Classic (All gens): Adjusted dirty air effect
  • Adjusted AI consistency range for less overall laptime variation from lap to lap (consistency standards will still vary class to class and from driver to driver within same class)
  • F-Retro Gen1: AI calibration pass
  • Barcelona: Art updates & addition of remining trackside objects; Updated AI performance & lines for both layouts; Fixed bug causing AI to drop out within one lap in chicane layout; Added DRS zones to trackmap
  • Virginia: Corrected LOD issue with the marshal huts
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted display centering tire temps & adding page 2 with tire pressures & fuel delta
  • F-Junior: Added needle damping to analogue gauges

Quelle: Reiza Studios