ACC | Neues Update für Konsolen verfügbar

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Changelog Update ACC-Konsolenversion

Server-side fixes:

• Solve a bug where the rolling start never starts and the user is stuck with the controls locked during the race session

• Solving a bug where wheels not visible at distance during multiplayer

• Solving a bug where opponent cars during multiplayer are consistently displayed as stationary to other users

• Fixing a bug where the user falls out of world when trying to collide with an object in a multiplayer session

• Making the Imola circuit accessible to multiplayer races

Client-side fixes:

• Solve a bug where game crashes upon Completing 2nd Test Race in Career Mode

• Solve some sporadic random crashes when transitioning between main menu and sessions

• Solve a bug where title crashes after selecting the Ferrari Evo and changing game modes quickly after

• Solving a bug which makes no SFX audible when driving in the GT4 Mercedes

• fixing a bug where Championship Custom race lengths are not applied in ICGT Custom championship races

• Activating some race settings which were missing in Custom Championship session

Quelle: 505games