AMS 2 | Hotfix v1.1.1.1 für Automobilista 2 veröffentlicht

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.1.1.1


  • Reverted track base grip & range to pre v1.1.1.0 values (corrects Time Trial grip levels being slightly lower in the last release)
  • Track rubber state is now reset if session starts wet
  • Fixed race length being overwritten by active session length when sending MP Lobby data
  • Removed redundant / pre-release folders for livery overries
  • Fixed AI being limited to host´s car class in servers with high player:ai ratios.


  • Fixed incorrect drive axle data on session on loading screen
  • Minor German localization adjustments


  • Various minor default differential & suspension adjustments for all cars (setup reset recommended)
  • Slightly raised brake cooling rates
  • Reduced slick water dissipation further reduces slick efficiency on a wet track)
  • Increased drafting air scale (slightly increases drafting effects for all cars)
  • Raised F-Reiza FFB max force scale


  • Fixed bug causing AI to be excessively slow in first session of a race weekend
  • Further fine tuning of aggression scalars per car
  • Further AI performance callibration passes
  • Further AI rain performance callibration with both wet & slicks
  • Reduced ARC Camaro AI CoG height to minimise chances of it rolling over high curbs
  • Added corner-specific AI performance adjustments: +10% exit of T8 @ Adelaide Modern; +5% exit of second last & last corners @ Spielberg GP; +10% Exit of Stowe @ Silverstone 91 +10% Entry of Luffield1 @Silverstone 91 +10% Exit of chicane @ Silvestone 75; -10% Exit of Luffield @ Silverstone Modern; +10% Exit of Oak Tree hairpin & exit of final corner at VIR Full / Grand +10% Radillon & -5% Exit of Stavelot @ Spa


  • Fixed missing gearbox grinding sound for some manual cars that were missing it


  • Nurburgring: Minor art & functionality pass
  • Imola: Minor art & functionality pass; revised AI paths & trackside cameras
  • Goiania: Updated AI paths
  • Spa-Francorchamps: Added DRS boards at detection & activation points
  • More drones moves/removed at various tracks


  • F-Vintage Gen 1&2: Added dirt / scratch map
  • Brabham BT26: Added dirt / scratch map; fixed rear wing livery overlap
  • Puma GTE: Added 3 new liveries
  • Ginetta G40 Cup: Updated liveries #10 #20
  • ARC Camaro: adjusted driver position, edited the cockpit to have more room for the driver feet, detached cockpit gear shifter