AMS 2 | Update v1.1.2.0 inkl. historischen Content released

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Das neue Automobilista 2-Update bringt einige fantastische historische Inhalte, eine weitere Ladung wichtiger FFB-, Physik- und KI-Entwicklungen sowie zahlreiche Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen.

Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.1.2.0



  • Added Spa Francorchamps 1993 layout


  • Added Group C class featuring Sauber Mercedes C9 & Porsche 962C
  • Added Stock Car 1999 Omega series


  • Implemented new LiveTrack wet weather rubber washing (rubber is now gradually washed away from track surface as it gets saturated with water)
  • Expanded available opponent classes to 9 (10 total)
  • Bumped headlight range from 160 to 240m for all cars
  • Corrected number of opponents in Championship mode to match the series current total number of opponents
  • Added function to set different presets of rubber depending on type of session (making option available to player will soon follow)
  • Added new functions to control when vehicle headlights & tail lights should remain on and DRS rules remain disabled based on track wetness threshold (previously was solely based on environment light levels)
  • Replaced Spa 2020 with Spa 1993 on the calendar of pre-2005 championships


  • Re-styled event rules & regulations page
  • Added help texts to online Opponent settings screen
  • Fixed wrong value link on gear 7/8 assignments
  • Fixed redundant adjustable wing setup option being available for cars without such aero components
  • Corrected tire names for various cars using street or semi-slick compounds
  • Fixed missing French & German localization for track limits setting
  • Adjusted font size on track limit warnings labels for Rules & Regulations UI screen


  • Introduced routine to reset FFB in case of FFB loss (game detects the loss and reset FFB automatically, should be seamless for player)
  • Adjusted default FFB profile for more accurate self-aligning torque, milder force spikes over big bumps and other such sudden tire oad.change; adjusted effect from braking torque (should provide better feedback during lockups); split FX signal from Low Force Boost setting


  • Added slow damping function to all tires (generally improves tire damping & fixes bouncing effect at very slow speeds previously proeminent in formula cars)
  • Added intermediate & extreme tyre compounds for modern protos, GTs & formulas
  • Adjusted tire tread for 60s touring cars, F-V3,, Opalas, Copas Fusca, Uno, Truck, Caterham Academy & F-Trainer
  • Adjusted semi-slick tire tread (F-Trainer Advanced, Caterhams, ARC Camaro)
  • Increased RPM threshold for reduced engine life in 2-stroke karts
  • Moved Metalmoro AJR diffuser center of pressure rearwards by 2cm (slightly rebalancing overall aero distribution)
  • Slightly falloff rates in rain for all slick tires (addressing issues with tires losing all adherence beyond a certain saturation point)
  • Minor stifness adjustment to GT / Proto / StockCar tire carcasses
  • Added minor preload resistance to open diffs in cars with more powerful engines
  • Adjusted Porsche 911 GT1 engine compression curve
  • Adjusted default gear ratios for Mclaren F1 GTR & Mercedes CLK in GT1 class
  • Minor crankshaft mass adjustments to F1 cars
  • Corrected 720S GT3 negative rear toe setting (setup reset recommended)
  • Moved default brake bias slightly rearwards for Copa Truck, F-Trainers (requires setup reset recommended)


  • Various AI behavior improvements, adding car-specific parameters to improve their overtaking assesments both against human player and AI vs AI
  • Added car-specific overrides for previously global parameters controlling the amount of lifting off the throttle AI would do while running over puddles, & introduced new car-specific parameter controlling the amount of lifting while on wet tires (generally less than on dry tires, improves their straightline performance when going through large amounts of standing water)
  • Added several car-specific overrides for previously global AI parameters such as brake and reaccelaration distance thresholds, start reaction times, distance triggers for defending position
  • Reduced likelihood of AI crashing into wall when side by side with human
  • Increased AI drivers performance range
  • Minor AI callibration pass for performance dropoff with tire wear
  • Azure: Smoothed corridors in several locations
  • Slightly adjusted AI grip @ Bathurst, Nurburgring GP & Velocitta


  • Adelaide: reduced road mesh noise; smooth curb at entrance to T13
  • Imola: Fixed camera man pop up
  • Kyalami: removed glitchy helicopter animation
  • Silverstone: trimmed 3D grass clipping walls in some places; fixed a few object pop ups; consolidated some grand stands into larger objects (same materials); optimized shadows
  • Revised "Max AI participants" for various tracks, correcting when this differed from available garage slots
  • Disabled DOF blur in all trackside VR cams for tracks that have them (currently only Grade A tracks)


  • F-V10 Gen2: fixed visual tire tread not corresponding the actual tire when switching from wet to dry
  • F-Classic (all gens): added Dirt/Scratch map + New UV channel 3 mapping for carbon fiber cockpit material
  • Copa Montana: added Dirt/Scratch map
  • BMW M6 GT3: Fixed red carpaint issue in cockpit view (car #91)
  • F-V10: Fixed visual glitch with windscreen in rain
  • Gol Classic B: Fixed front splitter glitch
  • Ultima GTR: Fixed oil pressure needle
  • F3 F309: corrected RPM bars range
  • Lancer R & RS: Livery override entry added for windscreen and wing
  • Corrected cockpit POV in Metalmoro AJR, Mclaren 570S, Ultima GTR
  • Corrected rain tire tread for F-Retros

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