AMS 2 | Neue Version inkl. 2021 Stock Car Series veröffentlicht

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.1.2.5


  • Added Stock Car 2021 series


  • Fixed AI name occasionally disappearing from list in session timing board
  • Fixed name text being partially clipped in session timing board
  • Added missing DRS on trackmaps of circuits featuring DRS zones (Azure, Hockenheim, Imola, Kansai, Montreal, Nurburgring, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps, Spielberg)


  • Further tweaks and cleanup of new TrueForce device and Logitech sdk support
  • Added pneumatic trail, caster trail, rar wheels forces as customizable variables FFB script
  • Fixed in-session per vehicle FFB adjustments not being maintained when restarting a sessionRevised F-Retro tires
  • Minor tire tread adjustments for F-Vintage, F-Trainer, GT3, P1, intermediate & wet compounds
  • Initial pass on tire wear revisions for various compounds (WIP)
  • Adjusted splitter / Front Wing height sensitivity for Group A, F-Vintage, F-Classic, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Ginetta G58, Camaro GT4R, F-Trainer, Superkart, ARC Camaro
  • Corrected error on Opala differentials introduced in the previous build which led to it not being fully open
  • Adjusted Ginetta G58 damper rates
  • Adjusted pneumatic trail for Porsches & F-Vintages
  • Reduced pitch & yaw sensitivity for Group C cars
  • Adjusted Procar default rear ARB & clutch setting
  • Minor timing adjustments to F-Ultimate gearbox


  • Further callibration of AI wet weather performance
  • Further customized AI brake distance offsets per car
  • Minor Bathurst AI Grip adjustments


  • Updated SprintRace transmission whine
  • Updated Porsche 911 GT1 engine & turbo sound
  • Updated McLaren F1 LM: engine sound


  • Cascais: Minor art & performance pass
  • Silverstone: Minor art & performance pass
  • Added VR trackside cams to Snetterton 300 & VIR Full
  • Added rainblockers to indoor section of Speedland kart layouts
  • Updated trackside ads for Interlagos & Goiania


  • Super V8: Fixed incorrect team names
  • Stock Corolla: Fixed Brake disc visual glitch
  • Omega StockCar: Fixed the RF wheel arch edge loops
  • Fixed base windscreen textures to fix white windscreen problem on some cars when users turn on livery overrides

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