iRacing | Hotfix 1 zum Patch 6 der 2021 Season 2 released

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Changelog iRacing 2021 Season 2 Patch 6 Hotfix 1

iRACING UI: (5.13.05-2021-s2)


– Fixed an issue where using “Remember Me” was logging the user into the UI twice.


– Improved the connectivity between the iRacing UI and Session data, allowing for greater stability.

Up Next

– Fixed an issue where the Event Start Countdown column was not sorting correctly.
– Fixed an issue with sorting by MPR in Table view.

Race Series

– Fixed an issue where the current sessions for a Series would initially appear to be sorted by the number of drivers, but actually were not.
– Fixed an issue where sorting by the number of drivers was not working correctly.

Car Classes

– Fixed an issue with the display of car classes that arose due to lacking ownership of some of the items displayed.

My Cars

– Tooltips have been added for column headers.

My Tracks

– Tooltips have been added for column headers.
– The table may now be sorted by the Location column.


– Fixed a sorting issue when switching from Tile view to Table view.

Hosted Races

– Fixed an issue where the Number of Drivers column was not being properly displayed and sorted while using table view.
– Fixed an issue where sorting by Start Time in Table view was not working correctly.


– Fixed an issue where editing a League Session would cause it’s specific Time of Day to be reset to Afternoon.
– Fixed an error that appeared when attempting to sort League Sessions by Start Time.


– Added the ability to filter results by Practice, Race, and Hosted


– Replays may now be alphabetically sorted by Car Name.

Paint Shop

– The McLaren MP4-30 interface model has been updated to better match the in-Sim version.


– Fixed an issue when sorting in a table view, leaving the page and then returning, the sort was not maintained.


– The Notifications panel has been updated to make some notices more clear. Also, not yet viewed announcements are now included in the total number of notices.


ARCA Menards Chevrolet Impala

– For the New Damage Model, spring damper hyper extension limits have been increased to prevent the car from hopping when in a specific damage state.


Circuit of the Americas

– Some ads and signs have been updated.