AMS 2 | Update v1.2.0.8 für Automobilista 2 released

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.2.0.8


  • Fixed an issue that could lead to CTD at session start in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a CTD when using pit strategy selection list in multiplayer sessions
  • Adjusted Livetrack Grip Range
  • Minor revisions to shadow cascading parameters from cockpit view
  • Increased number of hourly real weather forecast slots to allow simulated 24 hour sessions with no slot re-use


  • Fixed incorrect help text on some instances of Live Track Preset option
  • Fixed missing localization of Damage > Rear Aero input label on pit strategy editor
  • Fixed German localization typo on pite exit blend line tip text
  • Fixed French text displaying on German localization on telemetry HUD tip
  • Updated various environmental/technical terms in Spanish localization


  • Further tire tread fine-tuning for Proto classes, GTs, Stock Cars, F-Retros, Procar, Group A, Group C, F-Ultimate
  • Mercedes AMG GT3: Adjusted default engine brake map
  • F-UItimate: Increased FFB Max Force range; adjusted default diff settings
  • Fixed error in Mini dampers & disabled redundant fast damper range
  • AI: Adjusted aggression scalars and care with player for tintops; reduced throttle response time for GTE & GT3; callibrated GTE, GT3 & StockCars
  • Adjusted AI Grip for Imola & added corner-specific speed boosts to Piratella, Acque Minerali, Rivazza
  • Cascais Added AI corner boost to last corner
  • Interlagos: Adjusted AI lines & corridor changes at Mergulho and Arquibancadas for improved behavior; Added speed slowdowns on pitlane exit path


  • Adjusted rumble strip sound frequency
  • Further surface sound optimizations
  • Surface sound filtering present only on roadnoise/skid sounds (Grass & dirt excluded)


  • Spa-Francorchamps 1993: Add dynamic cones
  • Velopark: Center start trigger across track and pit lane width
  • Added seasonal foliage to all Imola variants
  • Laguna Seca: Fixed curbs uv1/uv2; Add more remaining trackside objects; adjusted glow on the start lights
  • Imola: Fix wall collision error


  • Camaro GT4.R: Added 3 new liveries
  • Helmet cameras: Reworked the helmet cams meshes and materials for the Modern formula, GT modern, club, 70s and 80s. now support triple screen/ultra wide (54 to 89 degrees of FOV)
  • Fixed RPM LED ranges for Mclaren 720S, F309, F301, Metalmoro MRX P3
  • Updated Porsche GT4 Cayman & Ginetta G55 tire material fixing issue with tires disappearing in certain circunstances

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