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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.2.1.0


  • Fixed an issue that could lead to CTD on loading screen when using French localization in some instances
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to CTD when selecting an existing championship save in some instances
  • Fixed real weather in championships sometimes loading from wrong location.
  • Fixed incorrect track info when saving vehicle setups in championship mode
  • Added default compound assignments to various series that didn´t have one, fixing bug that could cause CTD during pitstops
  • Fixed inconsistencies in various similar material settings which could cause slick tires to become completely gripless in certain surfaces when very wet


  • Added "ENABLE ANALOGUE INPUTS IN MENU" option to 'Controller > Configuration' options screen to disable analogue inputs in menus. Defaults to disabled for wheels with presets available and can be set per input type


  • Added updated traction control scaling for cars that have the device
  • Fixed error in Caterham Supersport tire tread
  • Minor adjustments to GTE, GT3, Stock Car tire treads
  • Minor suspension geometry & wheel rate multiplier adjustments for cars in GTE, GT3, GT4, GT5, Ginetta G40, Stock Cars, Sprint Race, F3 classes
  • Adjusted front splitter height sensitivity for Ginetta G55, Camaro GT4R, BMW M4, Stock Car 2020/2021
  • Minor diffuser aero revisions & BoP pass to GT3 cars
  • Minor aero revisions for Ultima GTR Race
  • Fixed error in camber ranges of Metalmoro MRX, Montana
  • Various aero & default setup adjustments for Metalmoro MRX, Roco
  • Adjusted default power ramp angle in Mclaren GT4, GT3, C8.R, Sprint Race & Stock Cars
  • Mclaren 720S GT3: Revised diffuser, front brakes, ride height range & default settings
  • Mclaren 570S GT3: Adjusted rear ride height
  • Fixed corrected GTE fuel capacity from a previous build which had been reversed by accident
  • Enabled onboard adjustable roll bars for MCR2000
  • Reenabled refuelling in formula series that shouldn´t have them allowed (this will be added back as an option later)


  • GTE, GT3 AI performance callibration pass
  • Adjusted speed AI can sustain while running off the ideal racing line
  • Increased 2020 AI Grip at Silverstone 2020
  • Adjusted AI for slightly lateral swerving in urgent reaction at max aggression / slightly higher concede drops, lower boosts during overtaking conditions


  • Added seasonal foliage to Silverstone (all versions)
  • Long Beach: Fix tire wall adverts material issue; removed wandering fence poles from T8 runoff; Revised pit lane exit limits, Cheat block follows the yellow (was blue) pit exit line.
  • Hockenheim Historics: Minor performance pass; Revised startlight glows
  • Slight zoom tweaks to Long Beach & updated FOV at Interlagos trackside cameras to minimise shimmering


  • Ginetta G58 P1: Added 6 new liveries
  • Added day running lights to Porsche Cup, Metalmoro AJR, Stock Cars
  • Porsche Cayman GT4: Add Pirelli tire branding to the sidewall

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