Drift 21 | Neues Update im Early Access released

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ECC Games hat ein neues Update für seinen Drift21 Early Access-Titel bereitgestellt.

Dieses neue Update bietet eine neue Physik und angepasste Kompatibilität der Räder, die mit Radmodellen von Logitech, Thrustmaster und Fanatec getestet wurde. Darüber hinaus enthält das Update auch Force-Feedback-Leistungsverbesserungen und führt einen neuen Quick Race-Modus ein.

Changelog Drift 21 Rev. 14639

Due to some major updates, ECC Games strongly recommend that you enter the steering wheel management applications provided by the hardware manufacturer and press the reset button to the default settings before starting the game.

  • Driving model and force feedback changes
  • Completely rewritten Force Feedback system
    There is an additional DRI setting in the Fanatec steering wheel, which is a special mode for drifting. In DRIFT21 we suggest checking the settings from -2 to -4. If you would like to know more about this setting, please visit the manufacturer’s website: Fanatec website.
  • Changes to steering assists
  • Reworked driving model (major changes to e.g suspension or tire friction)
  • Updated the parameters of parts crucial to the driving model

New features and options

  • Added Quick Race mode – a separate mode in which you can test multiple versions of each car on any available track
  • Added various tuned car presets, available in Quick Race mode
  • Added Replay Mode – a basic tool for previewing and analyzing your drift attempts
  • Added controller vibrations and the ability to adjust them in the settings
  • Added an option to turn off Motion Blur (accessible in Video Settings)
  • Added basic camera rotation

Other changes

  • Changed tire sounds
  • Changed default volume levels
  • Changed default controller mapping
  • Changed tutorial content and flow to suit driving model changes
  • Reworked serial cars to suit driving model changes
  • Multiple changes to UI tabs to prevent incorrect text display
  • Small changes to tiles shape in Warehouse


  • Eliminated a problem with ghosting visible on FXAA setting or without Antialiasing (changes to CTAA will be available at a later date)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to highlight two separate buttons using two different controllers
  • Fixed a bug where the reset button would only restore default settings after a game restart
  • Fixed an issue where some UI elements were clipping through the HINTS window
  • Fixed an issue where changing the “Show speedometer” setting was only applied after re-entering the route
  • Fixed a bug where language change in certain places was only applied after restart
  • Fixed Drift Zones to correctly detect cars passing through
  • Fixed part detection in Dyno
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from removing decal layers
  • Fixed a bug with engine volume slider not working properly or in some cases at all
  • Fixed a bug where unchecked Can Stall option allowed to bind and use ignition on/off
  • Fixed camera getting stuck at certain places of the map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Show Missing Parts in the garage
  • Fixed a bug with controller settings interfering with steering wheel settings – fixing this required us to force default settings, please be aware of this.