RiMS Racing | RaceWard veröffentlichte das Update v1.3 für RiMS Racing

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Changelog RiMS Racing v1.3


  • "Hide" function added in order to improved Inventory/Shop readability
  • AI performances optimizations
  • Improved icon readability in the Motorbike Mechanics section
  • Improved HUD minimap colours
  • Improved discount manager perk efficiency


  • Autosaves logic has been reorganized in order to prevent save corruption issues
  • R&D Management objectives are now reset correctly after a Career restart
  • Fixed icon on Private Testing leaderboards
  • Audio memory usage optimizations
  • Fixed "The Star" description and unlock logic
  • Custom joypad presets are now working as intended after booting the game
  • Fixed a crash that occurred accepting an invite during an Online Challenge
  • Fixed a crash that occurred accepting an invite during Career tutorial bike selection
  • Minor graphical fixes on Million Dollar Highway track
  • Fixed a text issue on the Anti-Wheelie explanation
  • Fixed a specific crash occurring in the R&D Management area
  • Custom joypad button configurations are now saved as expected
  • Custom exhausts sound are now played as expected in the showroom area
  • Several HUD and cockpits graphical fixes
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the Motorbike Mechanics scrollbar
  • Loading screen hints counter now is working as expected
  • Fixed ghost management when no ghost data is available on the leaderboards
  • "Where there's a will there's a way" now unlocks as expected

Quelle: RaceWard