AMS 2 | Neues Update v1.2.2.0 veröffentlicht

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Das Update enthält außerdem eine Reihe von Korrekturen und Verbesserungen, darunter die Möglichkeit, mehrere Controller-Profile zu erstellen (bitte beachtet , dass diese Entwicklung eine Neukonfiguration Ihres Controllers erfordern kann).

Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.2.2.0



  • Added Salvador Street Circuit
  • Added Cascais Alternate Layout
  • Added alternative Interlagos Stock Car / GP variants (latter features temporary grandstands from grand prix weekend)


  • Added Porsche RSR 3.0 1974 to GT Classics Series


  • Added support for 6 User control sets per profile. Slots can be renamed. (known issues: reset to defaults does not reset name, controller type (wheel/gamepad) is not retained with saved set)
  • Disabled collisions during formation laps and rolling starts
  • Fixed Championship editor saving incorrect dates for P/Q sessions
  • Added custom Steering Lock setting when user is running with a gamepad or digital controller for less sensitive steering than regular default steering lock


  • Added binding entries for on board TC/ABS adjustment (Assignments > Vehicle).
  • Fixed save/load notification not displaying when switching user control presets
  • Added ability to copy another user control preset to the currently active control set
  • Moved controls screen 'Reset to Defaults' button up to user preset section to reinforce it is profile specific.
  • Added the current user preset name to controls screen secondary tabs.
  • Corrected various track UI information errors
  • Fixed setup edit screen displaying adjustable dampers when they have none when unitless option is enabled
  • Disabled redundant aerodynamic settings in setup screen for various wingless vehicles
  • Fixed qualify session length not correctly displaying in championship overview for custom championships
  • Fixed incorrect help text on test day custom date input
  • Fixed French text appearing on German version of the Time Trial loading screen tip text
  • Fixed Engine Breaking label in Edit Setup screen
  • Fixed untranslated Live Track preset label on session settings screen
  • Added texts for Laguna Seca and Daytona Nascar Layout


  • Revised tire treads for M1 Procar, Group A cars
  • Minor tire tread adjustments for Group C, Opalas, F-Vee, Lotus 23, Copa Classics, Mini, GT5, G40 Cup, F-3, F-Trainer, Omega Stock Car, Stock Car 2019, GT3, GT4, karts (all variants)
  • Fixed error causing new traction control model not to be used in all cars featuring the system except F-V10 Gen2 & Mclaren 720S
  • Adjusted baseline damper settings for F-Retro Gen1, F-Vee
  • Revised brake heating functions for GTs & classic tintops
  • Adjusted body drag coefficients for Group A, Procar & vintage touring cars
  • Revised inertia values for both Vintage touring cars
  • Revised differential ramp angles for Procar & Group A cars
  • Adjusted default front wheel camber for all karts
  • Revised diff settings for all GTs, Stock Cars
  • Corrected Mini 1965 gear ratios
  • Adjusted default toe settings for Ginetta G55, Mercedes GT3
  • Adjusted Omega diff preload
  • BMW M4 GT4: Stiffer rear suspension rates
  • Revised engine lifetime ranges for all cars
  • Cadillac DPi: Fixed bug causing pitstop CTD due to missing default compound option
  • Adjusted front & rear toe ranges for F-Classics, Group C (requires setup reset)
  • Minor default setup adjustments for both Group C cars (setup reset recommended)
  • Added throttle map for Porsche GT3-R
  • Minor manual H shift RPM tolerance adjustments for completing clutchless shifts
  • Slightly reduced grass & gravel bump amplitude
  • Minor revisions to grass, gravel, grasscrete friction coefficients


  • General AI callibration pass for dry & wet weather performance
  • Further reduced AI lateral rate in urgent moves
  • Fixed bug where fuel would be consumed by AI during accelerated time or during skip to end when the fuel consumption is set to OFF
  • Fixed some strategical decisions by AI not taking into account the fuel consumption setting when set to OFF
  • Curitiba: Smoothed fastline start/finish joint to prevent AI slowdown crossing it
  • Laguna Seca: Reset collision corridors at T11 (fix for AI pileups on rolling starts)
  • Bathurst: Minor AI Grip adjustment
  • Further increased AI performance in qualifying vs race
  • Taruma: Adjust pitlane exit speed
  • Interlagos Kart: Adjusted AI Grip for all layouts


  • Surface sounds: lowered flat curbs volume, increased dirty debris off line occurence
  • BMW M1 Procar adjusted chase cam live-play sound.


  • VIR: Added seasonal foliage; Optimized track cut mesh; Minor art & optimization pass; Fix broken shrubs
  • Montreal (Modern & Historic): Added seasonal foliage
  • Cascavel: Fixed terrain hole and gap in the barriers near the old pit
  • Laguna Seca: Fixed some object LOD popping
  • Oulton Park: Updated seasonal foliage textures
  • Cascais: Minor art & optimization pass
  • Spielberg GP: Add missing brake marker boards at T6
  • Hockenheimring: Enable playground for short layouts
  • Interlagos Kart1: Relax track limits at T7
  • Kansai: Minor LOD tweaks
  • Adjusted Interlagos, Nurburgring, Snetterton trackside camera glitches
  • Spielberg Historic: added VR cams
  • Cadwell Park: fixed invisible bits of road
  • Added working trackside cameras to all Speedland layouts


  • Superkart / Kart Shifter: Added shifter & driver shifting animations
  • Stock Car Corolla 2021: Updated front bumper and hood model as per recent series facelift
  • Stock Car Cruze 2020: Fixed the cockpit bonnet and external damage clipping on the top
  • Minor adjustment to first shadow cascade radius from cockpit view
  • Switched Vintage Touring Car drivers to GT vintage models
  • Adjusted driver LOD levels to minimise driver parts from popping out while still in sight
  • F-Ultimate: Fixed inverted left mirror

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Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 ist ein Rennsimulator-Spiel, das von Reiza Studios unter der Leitung von Renato Simioni entwickelt wurde. Das Spiel wurde zunächst als Early-Access-Titel am 31. März 2020 über Steam veröffentlicht, wobei die offizielle V1.0-Veröffentlichung am 30. Juni 2020 stattfand. Automobilista 2 bietet eine große Auswahl an Autos und Strecken. Der Hauptfokus liegt auf brasilianischen Inhalten, darunter lizenzierte brasilianische Rennserien wie Stock Car Brazil und Copa Truck. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt liegt auf Grand-Prix-Rennwagen vieler verschiedener Epochen, darunter lizenzierte und generische Fahrzeuge. Es gibt auch andere moderne Rennklassen, wie GT3 und Karts. Automobilista 2 unterstützt VR-, Triple-Screen- und Full-Motion-Rennsimulator-Setups.