RiMS Racing | RaceWard veröffentlichte den Major Patch v1.05

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Dieser neue Patch scheint eine Reihe von Problemen mit dem Spiel behoben zu haben. Wenn ihr euch die Community-Boards anschaut, werdet ihr feststellen, dass sich viele Spieler über eine Reihe von Problemen im Spiel beschweren.

Alle relevanten Informationen zum RiMS Racing Update v1.05 finden Sie im nächsten Abschnitt.

Changelog RiMS Racing v1.05


  • Motorbikes career customization now available in Single Race, Online Custom Events, Private Testing and Offline Duel (only Player1).
  • Multiplayer spectator mode update: now featuring new pages with MSC and a Map to follow Riders.
  • Added a test mode in career to try new mounted components.
  • Night mode for all road tracks now available.
  • Online Leaderboards in Private Testing now based on: Track, Asphalt Condition (Dry/Wet) and Physics Simulation Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Realistic)


  • AI behaviours, including obstacle avoidance, improved. AI perfomance in Career improved, now more challenging and engaging.
  • Audio for custom exhausts has been enhanced, several new UI audio effects added, bugfixes and mix improvements.
  • It is now possible to Restart a Calendar Event on any Difficulty Level.

- PC Crossplay has been enabled