AMS 2 | Update v1.3.0.1 für Automobilista 2 ist verfügbar

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.3.0.1


  • Fixed default Formula championships crashing from targeting old Azure track instead of updated one


  • Fixed throttle/clutch pedal values inverted on full tacho variant
  • Fixed replay list not correctly aligned in ultrawide resolutions


  • Optimization pass on Default+ profile
  • FFB adjustments to BMW M4, M6 & M8 GTE; F-Vee, Mini 1965, Corvette C3 & C3-R, TSI Cup


  • Further tire tread revisions & AI Calibration pass for F-Trainer, Caterham Academy, Vintage TC1, Vintage TC2, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, TSI Cup, Opalas, Omega Stock, F-Vee
  • Further fine-tuning of Traction Control slip ranges
  • Adjusted crankshaft mass for Vintage Touring Cars & Copa Classic
  • Corrected VW Polo & Virtus mass
  • Increased preload resistance in cars with open differential


  • Adjusted traction control sounds for all cars


  • Azure Circuit 2021: Reduced AI on AI trapping against armcos causing crashes/pileups; adjusted line at the chicane to reduce AI going 2-wide and clipping the barriers causing crashes/pileups; Reposition the rolling start location to before last corner and reduce rolling speed to 60 kph


  • TSI Cup: Fixed missing custom livery folders causing mix-up with Mini liveries; Fixed small gap in cockpit dashboard

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