rFactor 2 | Neue rF2- Build v1.1126 veröffentlicht

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Changelog rFactor 2 Build v1.1126

NOTE TO SERVER ADMINS | With this build you will need to update your servers.

Steam Build IDs:

Client: 7785258

Dedicated Server: 7785266

rF2 Build: 1.1126

Game Loading

  • Optimizations to Game Loading and Series switching.
  • Optimizations to Texture Loading.
  • Added the ability to load cached track files from the component to improve loading times.
  • Improved shader loading and added pre-built shader cache to improve loading times.


  • Fixed an issue where Exaggerate Yaw would default to -80%


  • Minor pass on cloud texture balancing.
  • Adjusted PFX settings to allow for more exposure in low light conditions.


  • Updated minimum number of audio effects to 32.
  • Fixed: Number of audio effects sometimes resetting to 1.
  • Fixed: Audio cutting out after changing force feedback settings.


  • Updated ModDev to save and load CBASH and RRSHD files into track folders so that they can be packaged with content.
  • Detect if VisGroups affect collision and log this occurrence and in ModDev only show a pop up.

Controller Profile Updates (General)

  • Set Exaggerate Yaw to 0
  • Fixed various missing ‘Clutch-In’ entries that had been deleted by accident
  • Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1/2
  • Default “Steering resistance type”:0,
  • Added pedal inputs
  • Thrustmaster T300RS Racing wheel
  • Fixed mappings

Quelle: Studio397