AMS 2 | Reiza bringt kurz nach v1.3.3.0 ein Update auf v1.3.3.1

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.3.3.1

  • Fixed excessive helmet cam wobbling
  • Adjusted FFB for all FWD cars, karts, F-Reiza & BMW M8
  • Adjusted F-Retro Gen3 AI start performance
  • Adjusted F3 AI rolling resistance
  • Road America: Various updates to trackside objects; Added "The Bend" layout; minor AI adjustments
  • Fixed missing Reynard 98i Toyota
  • F-Retro Gen2: Fixed tire texture bug
  • F-USA (both gens): Added damage/dirt texture; Updated rain tire texture
  • Reynard 2Ki: Added gold wheels to #26 and #27 liveries

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