AMS 2 | Neues Update v1.3.6.2 veröffentlicht

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.3.6.2


  • Ginetta G55 (both models): Adjusted front splitter height sensitivity & reduced rear wing efficiency (both models)
  • McLaren 720S GT3: further adjustments to default setup to reduce low speed cornering instability, particularly when tires are overheating; increased 6th gear length; adjusted default traction control & engine braking (setup reset required)
  • Porsche Cup (both models): Revised tire model to more closely simulate Michelin N2 Hard slicks; Slightly raised rear roll center by adjusting rear upper suspension arm angle; minor adjustments to stiffness distribution and low speed damping; minor differential adjustment (setup reset required)
  • Ultima GTR Race: Minor FFB adjustments


  • Improved AI paths for Oulton Park (all layouts)
  • Cadillac DPi: Adjusted AI suspension rate multipliers causing poor AI performance on updated physics


  • Porsche 911 Cup (both models): Fixed engine pitch discrepancy between external / chase cam view sound and cockpit audio


  • Oulton Park: Minor optimization to garage building interior; Minor track cut limit adjustments
  • Rebuilt bollard physics export to fix excessive damage to player car at Oulton & Cadwell Park


  • Metalmoro MRX P3 / P4: New & updated liveries
  • Stock Car Pro 2022: Updated Bruno Baptista Toyota Corolla livery
  • Added dirt maps to F-V10 Gen2, F-V12, Ginetta G40 (both models), Sigma P1 & Opala (all models)
  • Revised functionality of analogue gauges in F-Vintage, F-Retro Gen1 & Lotus 23
  • F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Updated gauges texture F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Corrected oil and water gauges
  • Brabham BT26: Fixed gauges issue F-Vintage G1/2 M1/2: Fixed gauges issue Lotus 23: Fixed oil and water gauge issue
  • Ultima GTR Street: fixed graphical height offset causing car body to sit high over the wheels

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