AMS 2 | Reiza hat das Update v1.3.8.2 für Automobilista 2 released

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.3.8.2


  • Added Buenos Aires alternative layout 6 with "tobogan" chicane


  • Fixed Championship editor allowing too many opponents
  • Fixed ABS driving aid not working in vehicles without factory ABS


  • Minor tire tread refinements BMW Procar, Copa Classic, Lancer Cup
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Minor aero adjustments; Increased spring adjustment range & generally stiffened default to better optimize undertray aero (setup reset recommended)
  • Revised ABS strength as a gameplay driving aid for cars that don´t feature the system built-in
  • Procar: Adjusted default roll bar (slightly softer front, stiffer rear)
  • Group A: slightly stiffer default front roll bar
  • Revised aero dropoff rates for all cars with significant downforce, reducing minor inconsistencies


  • Further reduced high aggression AI lateral rate of movement for slightly less twitches
  • AI calibration pass for Copa Classic, F-Ultimate Gen2
  • Reduced AI CoG multiplier to attempt minimise chances of cars rolling over sausage curbs
  • Brands Hatch GP: Further AI performance adjustments
  • Buenos Aires:Adjusted AI line & performance at T4,T5,T6,T7 of layout 6


  • Fixed missing Azure tunnel & bridge reflections


  • Buenos Aires: Adjusted razor curbs on selected runoff areas ("Curvon 8, "Viborita" and "Cajon") ; Added missing winter trees for No.12
  • Cordoba: added new race control, 2nd garage building, adjusted seasonal foliage, tweaked crowds, roadlines, few small tweaks to curb heights for TC layout section, added tents, vehicles and other details around the track; Added animated marshals; Added night lighting


  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Added cockpit vibration effect to the front fender winglets; revised collision.

Quelle: Reiza Studiois