rFactor 2 | Studio397 veröffentlichte das Update v1.17 für Laguna Seca

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Changelog Laguna Seca v1.17

  • Tweaked anti cut and corkscrew apex 1 curbs
  • Fixed some floating bushes
  • Tweaked Second Apex Corkscrew Curbs
  • Faster AI settings
  • Fixed Heavy.rrbin profile not loading
  • AI tweaks to corridors in pitlane and pit exit
  • Fixed AI braking joining pit lane and improved AI line at corner after limiter
  • Reduced Pit Speed Limit to 45mph
  • Tweaked AI to reduce chance of AI hitting fence when leaving rear paddock
  • Removed collisions from Pit Lane props
  • Fixed secondary map tiling on corkscrew adv panel

Quelle: Studio397