AMS 2 | Reiza hat 2 weitere Updates v1.4.1.1 sowie v1.4.1.2 veröffentlicht

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Changelog Automobilista v1.4.1.2


  • Time Trial / TTotW: Fixed top places of ttotw boards not displaying ranks; Fixed downforce variants being directly selectable in TTotW events; Fixed wrong identical vehicle leaderboard being displayed for low downforce circuits in all TT modes
  • Full Course Yellow: Fixed an exploit where leader could not obey the speed limit under FCY; Fixed a bug where an AI that retired into the pits could trigger FCY; Fixed bug/exploit where a player with a requested pit from before a FCY or with a drive through from before a FCY would be able to do illegal overtakes during the FCY; Increased the thresholds of when a oval race is considered long enough to use pit closed rules during FCY to 30 minutes or 120km; Increased the minimum speed of the leader during FCY (prevents issue where the leader goes too slow and everyone ends up being allowed to be overtaken)


  • Fixed championship aggression setting not using new standard levels
  • Fixed country flags showing leaderboard class headers on pre race screen


  • F-USA Gen1-3: Further oval physics development correcting critical issues in aero and tires especially on SS/SW configurations; Fixed engine output not being consistent in all cars between them variants;; Refined damping, gearing, ride heights, and default wing settings (requires setup reset in oval variants)
  • Minor tread ajustments to Kart Rental, Caterhams (all but Academy), Old Stock, Street tires
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Further undertray aero adjustments
  • F-Retro Gen2: Fixed tire errors causing cars in class not be running with its updated carcass & tread; minor differential & tire pressure adjustments
  • AMDM: Added M1 Procar to the list of classes featuring AMDM
  • Revised aero drag exponent from runnning high rake in all formulas
  • Improved engine cooling slightly for GT Open, DPI & P1
  • F-Ultimate (both gens): Added unlimited ERS deployment in Time Trial
  • Superkart: Minor aero & track width / wheelbase adjustments


  • Addressed a fuel calculation issue that could lead to AI pitting on lap 1 at ovals
  • Added initial version of FCY AI pit strategy
  • F-USA (all gens): Added automatic radiator AI adjustments in road variants
  • Corrected varous kart AI issues
  • Temporarily disabled extra AI tire compounds for the series that had them for further development
  • Oval AI calibration pass for F-USA Gen1-3


  • Daytona Road course switched to low downforce variants


  • F-Classic Gen 3 Model 1: Fixed LOD pivots that was causing some mesh misalignment
  • Formula Trainer Advanced: corrected front suspension asymmetry
  • Mitsubishi Lancer RS: Fixed livery override to include rear wing and windows
  • Mclaren F1 GTR: Adjusted Light glow texture; Adjusted headlight uv map; Adjusted the light materials; Porsche 911 GT1: Adjusted the headlight materials; Adjusted tail light uv map
  • Chevette: Fixed reverse lights bug

Changelog Automobilista v1.4.1.1

  • Fixed bug that could cause a disconnected player from triggering FCY in Multiplayer
  • F-USA Gen1-3: Corrected various aero errors from weekend builds & slightly revised tire tread for oval variants, minor aero & engine revisions for road variants
  • F-Retro Gen1: Adjusted tread & FFB
  • F-Vintage Gen1: Increased final ratio for M1
  • Removed extra AI compounds for F-Classic, F-Reiza & F-Ultimate
  • AMDM: Adjusted coolant, oil and turbo failure thresholds on all open wheelers with AMDM and also Group C
  • Slightly improved engine cooling on all engines & decreased dirty air effect on cooling for F-Vintage (both gens), F-Retro (all gens) F-Classic all gens), F-USA (all gens), F-V12, F-V10
  • Fixed missing F-Reiza & F-Ultimate gen2 wet compounds
  • AI calibration pass for F-Retro Gen1 & F-USA ovals
  • Spa 2022: Adjusted LT grip range for Fontana, Gateway & Daytona ovals
  • F-V10 Gen2: Corrected front suspension animation causing the front wheels to lift slightly when loaded
  • F-Usa Gen 3 Reynard 2KI: Fixed the low cockpit parts showing on cockpit view

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