AMS 2 | Reiza hat das Update v1.4.1.3 released

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.4.1.3


  • Downforce oval/downforce variants will now load the main custom AI driver xml file (prevents need to duplicate main xml per variant)


  • Tire tread adjustments to Caterhams, F-Trainer, Superkart, GT Classics & Opala Old Stock
  • Further revisions to all wet weather tires & added option for cars that were missing it
  • Minor corrections to front & rear wing center of pressure in all formula cars
  • F-USA Gen1-3: Reduced draft & lift increment with radiator & brake setting for oval variants
  • Superkart: Further:wheel base / track width adjustments; Adjusted FFB for higher level of filtering
  • F-USA Gen1-3: Reduced draft & lift increment from radiator & brake setting for oval varriant; Adjusted short oval tire wear rate
  • Corvette C3.R: Adjusted front brake torque


  • Fixed bug where the wrong AI could lead the full course yellow group if the leader has pitted during the full course yellow
  • Added new function to minimise chances of AI hitting outside walls in ovals
  • Further reduced AI rate of urgent lateral movement
  • AI calibration pass for Vintage TC1 & 2, F-Retro Gen2&3 Caterhams & F-Ultimate Gen2
  • Further corrections to AI behavior and performance in karting classes
  • Further adjustments to AI performance degradation with tire wear
  • Calibration pass for AI wet weather performance for all classes
  • Fixed Lancer Cup AI drivers missing driver names


  • Wall reflections: Reduced when close to wall, slightly less steep dropoff when moving away from walls. Fixed low volume and omnidirectional wall reflections after going back to main menu and loading next track/car combo
  • Changed priority one notch lower to mitigate loss of sound(s) for player / viewed car in cockpit for all cars


  • Spa 2022: Adjustments & fixes to wet weather properties
  • Track Cameras: Added VIR VR cams for all layouts.


  • Ginetta G40 Cup/GT5: Added damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
  • F-Ultimate 2022: Fixed suspension animations in low downforce spec; Fixed livery overrides to include spec and fresnel maps
  • BMW M1: Corrected oil and water gauges

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