ACC | Update v1.8.2.2 für die Konselversion verfügbar

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Changelog Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) v1.8.2.2 (Konsolenversion)

General Fixes

  • Controls and UI issues in loading and saving car set-ups
  • Gameplay - Button mappings for some buttons missing
  • Gameplay - Default steering wheel presets not showing up
  • UI - Placeholder UI elements visible instead of shoulder buttons in the setup menu
  • Main Menu - Car showroom idle screen appears as a black screen
  • Championship - Missing focus after completing a Championship
  • UI - Pausing the race multiple times will eventually cause the race timer HUD element to disappear
  • UI - Double button input when highlighting 'New Season' in Championship start menu causes loss of focus
  • Career - Missing labels at the end of a career mode session in the career event result screen
  • Graphics - Placeholder texture in rear window and sunshield of select 2020 Audi Evo entries in several game modes
  • HUD - Displayed data is offset in Dashboard on HUD in multiple car models
  • Missing text in a warning when selecting 30 opponents in a race
  • Multiplayer - Going into the option menu while spectating softlocks the title

Xbox Specific Fixes

  • Gameplay - Trueforce stopped working on G923
  • Graphics/Multiplayer - Brakes are visible as glowing permanently when spectating another user
  • UI - Car model does not update on user list following a car model change by a user
  • Multiplayer - When switching cars in multiplayer, the previous car selected will show in pits with the username 'Text'
  • Audio - Voice Chat feature regularly not fully functional
  • Multiplayer - Start not triggered at CP race at 1500 Eastern Time 24 November 2021
  • Graphics/UI - Low resolution font of personal best times in SP menu in 4k

PlayStation Specific Fixes

  • Multiplayer - User joining MP server second is invisible to user 1 who in turn is displayed as static car model to users joining
  • Multiplayer - Crash - Having two or more users in the same server causes the title to crash
  • Main Menu - Car preview window textures never load completely until the car selection menu is accessed once

Quelle: Kunos Sim.