rFactor 2 | Neuer Hotfix für den Oktober-RC verfügbar

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Changelog rFactor 2 Oktober-RC Hotfix #2

Client: 9797209

Server: 9797217

  • Sped up Race Event creation in MAS Tool regardless of size/age of pkginfo.dat
  • Fix crash when trying to display the game in borderless on a third monitor with a different solution than the first.
  • Fix using the resolution of the first screen when displaying on any other using borderless.
  • Fixed a crash when changing monitor when in full screen.
  • Fixed changing resolutions in windowed mode.
  • Fixed reverting resolution picking the wrong resolution to revert to. Used to pick the first with the same width.
  • IBL Road Shader: Added the ability to blend out alt normal map via RDT.b
  • IBL Vegetation Shader: Added optional detail map with extended blend options.
  • Fixed broken gear graph

Quelle: Studio397