F1 Manager 22 | Frontier hat heute das Update v1.10 veröffentlicht

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Die Entwickler von Frontier Developments haben das Update v1.10 für den F1 Manager 2022 veröffentlicht. Was der kleine Patch beinhaltet, erfahrt ihr unten in den Patch Notes vom 9. November.

Das neue F1 Manager 2022 Update v1.10 steht jetzt für alle Plattformen bereit. Der Patch optimiert den Treibstoff verludst im Qualifying und das Verhalten der Renningenieure.

Changelog F1 Manager 2022 v1.10


– Updated calculation for ‘Estimated Race Time’ in Strategy view and adjusted preset strategy suggestions to be more competitive

– Fixed an issue where cars could run out of fuel on their second run in Qualifying

– Fixed an issue where race engineers would warn drivers about low fuel during Qualifying

– Fixed an issue where changing the length of a run plan, then reverting the change, would lead to the car having a different quantity of fuel

– Fixed an issue where AI would not refuel cars after a red flag in Qualifying, resulting in DNFs

– Resolved rare instances of crashes when transitioning between race view and replays

– Resolved rare instances of a crash if AI ran out of wet tyres and attempted another pit stop

– Resolved rare issue causing a soft-lock if the game is closed before completing the new season period

– Fixed an issue where cars in Practice could retire with 0kg of fuel, but still display a positive fuel delta

– Fixed an issue where replays would sometimes end before the commentary finished

– Removing instances of Team Radio lines not matching their subject matter


– Updated multiple car models and liveries, for more variance through the grid and closer alignment with the real-world cars


– Resolved an issue causing the 3D Map to appear incorrectly when using ultra-wide screen monitors

– Updated signage and track-side sponsors at Monaco

– Updates kerbs at Circuit Paul Ricard, turn 8

Race Simulation 

– Updated VSC/SC/red flag rules in Free Practice sessions, including removal of DRS restrictions after a red flag

– Resolved instances where driver commands would affect speed under Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car conditions


– EULA will no longer reappear during startup if the player resets their game to default settings

– Resolved an issue causing position change arrows to display in the Drivers’ Standings page during Qualifying


– Resolved issue where the ‘Position Gain’ sponsorship guarantee did not take grid penalties into account

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