WRC Generations | Update v1.3.24.1 behebt einige Spielabstürze

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Changelog WRC Generations v1.3.24.1

Fixed today for PC only:

  • Fixed random crash with some Thrustmaster peripherals
  • Note: Some Thrustmaster peripherals might still encounter issues, an additional update to resolve them is under development.
  • Fixed an issue preventing to see specific Career screens on an Nvidia 4090 card
  • Fixed a crash when DLSS FG was activated without DLSS SR at launch
  • Fixed a crash after tutorial when player nickname used specific typeface within the Drivercard

Note: There still are FFB issues with Logitech steering wheels, this should be resolved by a future update of the Logitech G HUB.

Fixed today for Xbox:

  • Fixed an issue which prevented Fanatec base to recognize any steering wheel
  • Fixed FFB issues on the following steering wheels: Thrustmaster TX, TMX, TS-XW and Logitech G920

Quelle: Kylotonn