WRC Generations | Update v1.3.24.2 Release behebt eine große Anzahl von Problemen

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Changelog WRC Generations v1.3.24.2


– Fixed an issue where the timing was set to 00’00” when the player was DNF.
– In Amateur Leagues, players that didn’t participate are not displayed anymore.
– Point attribution system as been changed for daily and weekly challenges.
– Allowed users to display the rankings for previous weeks.
– Optimized tooltips.
– Fixed the display of some groups being wrong.
– For Weekly Challenges, Car Setup and Tyre Choice are now taken into account for the whole rally instead of the first special only.
– Added tooltips in Car Setup.


– Added saving the car deformation depending on collisions.
– Fixed saving the car deformation after a DNF.
– The car deformation save is now online.
– Fixed an issue occuring when using a custom livery in a realistic rally. The fix implies that it is no longer possible to use custom liveries in this mode.
– For rallies, Car Setup and Tyre Choice are now taken into account for the whole rally instead of the first special only.
– Added tooltips in Car Setup.

Cars & Physics

– Fixed a throttle issue where it was only effective when pressed at near maximum.
– Fixed an issue where it was possible to accelerate even with the clutch engaged when using a peripheral.
– Fixed an issue where the car was going backwards after pressing the throttle briefly.
– Fixed several issues linked to the Car Setup and restrictions depending on the type of car.
– Fixed some car setup modifications being incompatible with semi-auto, virtually changing to manual.
– Fixed an animation problem when using a steering wheel peripheral.
– Optimized using rain tyres on wet roads, they should now give more of an advantage compared to dry tyres.
– Fixed the display of a Licensing Rallye sticker on custom liveries of the Yaris WRC.


– Fixed the presence of an invisible obstacle in Turkey SSS Marmaris.
– Fixed several collision & respawn problems on multiple stages.


– Fixed an issue when navigating in the camera choice interface.
– Optimised the display of DLC liveries and stickers, by adding DLC icon on content tiles in: Livery Catalog, vitrine-showroom, stickers editing list, stickers catalog.


– Fixed an issue when choosing the female co-pilot voice in Career and other modes, now the global setting in the Game Settings menu will be used instead.
– Fixed a sound issue on Audi Quattro and Skode Fabia.
– Other minor interface and environment sound fixes.

PC Only

– Fixed an FFB issue when disconnecting and reconnecting the Fanatec GT DD Pro.
– Added information linked to RT and LT buttons for Logitech Pro wheel.
– Fixed some Nvidia DLSS option interdependencies.
– Fixed crash when changing Thrustmaster API setting.

PS4|5 only

– Fixed users with system language set to Japanese not being able to create a new team or save a new livery.
– Game Credits updated
– Fixed the wrong car displayed in Catalog vitrine-showroom if the user doesn’t have the DLC
– Fixed an issue related to waiting for terrain loading when we start a custom race
– Fix rendering mode not applying when we change it (requiring a game restart)
– Solo league hub ranking display fixed
– Fixed a penalty issue on starting race too early after countdown
– Fixed possible default textures on drivercards
– Fixed an issue with slider options related to pad vibration
– Compute number of players/teams going down in leagues
– Fixed Teams league history period number
– Fix sponsors objectives won’t trigger anymore in shakedowns
– Prevent crash in PaceNoteManager when trying to go to next pacenote
– Fixed female audio pacenotes during onboarding tuto
– Mute all meaningless sounds during the loading

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