AMS 2 | Automobilista 2 v1.4.6.0 als RC veröffentlicht

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AMS2-Benutzer können jetzt den neuesten Release Candidate auswählen, derzeit V1.4.6.0 Build 2264 - um auf diesen Build zuzugreifen, rechtsklicken Sie auf Automobilista 2 in Ihrer Steam-Bibliothek, gehen Sie auf Eigenschaften -> Beta und wählen Sie den "ReleaseCandidate"-Zweig für das Dropdown-Menü.

Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.4.6.0 RC


  • Added Bathurst 1983 to Historic Track Pack Pt1 DLC
  • Added F-Inter series


  • Fixed official championships taking grid setup of custom championship slot in some cases
  • Championship Editor: Added pit speed limit option; Disabled unused race 2 date option; Increased number of custom championship template slots to 5


  • Added reset seat position controller assignment and button to in-game cockpit configuration screen
  • Added controls screen option to reset all saved per vehicle FFB settings.
  • Added missing localisation to Opponents and Edit Grid screens
  • Fixed unstyled frontend OK/Cancel dialog
  • Corrected engine output figures for AJR Nissan, Nissan R89C in vehicle selection UI
  • Added Formula 3, Formula Inter & Formula Vee to 'Formula' vehicles filter group on the vehicle selection UI
  • Fixed oversized horizontal pinstripe line on 'Test Day' location holder when not focused


  • Adjusted traction control intervention for GTE, GT4, GT3. AJR Chevy & Honda, P2, DPi, MIT Lancer (both models), VW Polo/Virtus (all models), F-V10 Gen2, McLaren Senna, Camaro SS, Corvette C8 Z06, Brabham BT62
  • F-Classic G1M2: Decreased engine wear from increased boost pressure
  • Adjusted FFB for Formula Ultimate Gen1 & Gen2
  • Brabham BT52: Corrected engine output by 50hp at default and full boost pressure
  • F-Classic G1M2: Improved boost mapping at low RPM
  • Mclaren MP4/4: Corrected error in pitch inertia
  • F-USA (Gen2 & Gen3): Increase SW variant cooling to prevent unexpected overheating
  • McLaren MP4/5B: Corrected fuel tank size from 150 to 212 lt
  • Added AMDM for all kart types
  • Adjusted specialized FFB parameters for F-Classics (all models), F-V10 (both gens), F-V12, F-Reiza


  • Several improvements to the AI weather & tire strategy logic
  • Disabled holding of AI vehicles in pits when other cars are coming from behind for now (makes rules equal between player/AI preventing excessive time gain for player)
  • Fixed bug where several AI cars would spin during full course yellow on a wet track
  • Improved the behaviour and speed of the AI when entering and leaving the pits
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would do a empty pitstop unintentionally in the race
  • Calibrated simulated qualifying times for Copa Uno, Copa Fusca, Copa Classic FL & B, F-USA Gen1-2, SuperCars, HyperCars, Ginetta G40 Cup, Vintage Touring Car Tier 1 & Tier 2. F-Vee, F-Trainer (both classes), Lancer Cup, GT-Classics, F-Retro Gen2 & 3, F-Classic Gen1-4
  • Jerez 1988: Improved AI fast line


  • Audio wall reflections: further adjusted volume for trackside & chase camera
  • Surface sounds: slight reduction in volume on chase & trackside camera.
  • Updated tire skid sounds for Nissan R89C & R390


  • Snetterton: Fixed asset loading issue
  • Imola 2001: Fixed ice track bug
  • Spa-Francorchamps 1970: Increase garage limit to 32 car for GP layout
  • Bathurst: Updated and optimized foliage, foliage shadows, added 3d trees very near the track
  • Added VR cameras for Goiania Outer and Short, Guapore and Ibarra


  • Fixed bug causing drivers to vanish if using custom liveries
  • Added race suit overrides added to Camaro GT4, F3, F-Trainer, MCR2000, Opala 79, 86
  • Helmet and race suit overrides: Fixed 1960s helmet and race suitNissan R390 GT1: Fixed the wiper animations on LD variant; Fixed some objects not casting shadows on the LD variants
  • Updated cockpit displays for all GT3 and GT4 cars with several improvements & corrections
  • Porsche GTE: new LEDs colors and alpha channel. Blue LEDs were too dark and not enough visible before
  • F-USA Gen1-3 (All models): Added damage models; Fixed suspension animations on Speedway and Short Oval variants; Fixed steering animation
  • F-3 (F301 & F309): Added damaged parts; Added new textures and material for rain light; Added light glow for the rain light
  • F-Classic G4M1 & G4M2: Added damaged parts
  • F-Classic G3M2: Changed driver animations to paddle shift; Removed gear stick from cpit; Added shift paddles to the steering wheel
  • McLaren MP4/5B: Fixed wheel and badge materials issue
  • Stock Cruze 2019 : Car bonnet cam adjustment
  • Nissan R89c LD variant livery updates
  • Corvette GTP: Added new tire textures
  • Brabham BT49 & BT52: Windshield material updated for correct livery representation
  • Nissan GT-R GT3: Corrected display RPM bars range
  • McLaren F1 LM: Corrected oil and water gauges
  • Lotus 98T: Updated warning light to be oil pressure light instead of shift light
  • Added cockpit lights for BMW M4 GT4, Brabham BT62, Cadillac DPi, Corvette C8 Z06, McLaren 720S GT3, McLaren Senna, Super V8 and added mirror screen and better textures for 720S GT3 cockpit

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