AMS 2 | Automobilista 2 v1.4.6.1 mit historischem Content released

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Reiza Studios haben heute, nach dem Test mit dem RC vor einigen Tagen, die finale Version v1.4.6.1 released. Im unten angefügten Changelog könnt ihre Änderungen nachlesen.

Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.4.6.1


  • Corrected Grid Grouping for Lotus 98t, Mclaren MP4/4, MP4/5B, MP4/6 within their respective F-Classic series


  • F-Inter: F-Inter: Revised aerodynamics; Corrected mass, inertia & weight distribution as per latest provided specifications; Revised Engine Thermodynamics
  • F-3: Revised FFB (both models)


  • F-Inter: AI calibration pass


  • F-Inter: adjusted engine & surface sounds for player & AI
  • Nissan R89C, R390GT1: adjusted tire sound for low downforce variants


  • Bathurst 1983 : Added remaining trackside objects (crowds, marshals, static objects and vehicles) Corrected aspect ratio on some track side billboard adverts; Extended track cut runoff areas; Rework roadline objects to fix lod problem between Forests and Murrays
  • Cordoba GP (No 4): Extend track limits to include blue runoff at T5 (layout junction)
  • Speedland Kart: Added missing corner markers for layout 2 ,3 ,4
  • Gateway Road Course: Add T1 layout cones


  • F-Inter: Fixed right mirror issue
  • Porsche 911 GTE: updated display with TC level LEDs on the dashboard.
  • Nissan R89: Fixed visual ride height in LD model
  • F-Classic G3M2: Removed redundant gear stick from cockpit
  • F-Classic G4M2: Fixed driver animation position
  • Caterham (all classes): Added support for driver livery overrides

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