AMS 2 | Reiza hat das Update v1.4.6.4 für Automobilista 3 veröffentlicht

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Changelog Automobilista 2 v1.4.6.4


  • Fixed incorrect vehicle displayed for replays of F-Inter and some recent LD variants (fixes new saves only)
  • Fixed skid marks being created in some instances when vehicles escape to pits
  • Fixed GT1 class mixing up with GT3 when agrid grouping apart from GT3 (internal note - changed GTE grid grouping to make space)
  • FFB: Fixed missed FFB soft lock in main release builds; Fixed heavy steering under very high loads with Default + profile
  • Disabled mandatory pit stop & refuelling allowed in Ginetta Supercup preset


  • F-USA (all gens): Reduced gear damage


  • AI calibration pass for F-Retro Gen3


  • MetalMoro MRX Honda: fixed engine pitch for AI cars
  • Metalmoro MRX Sharkfin: fixed missing AI car cockpit sound


  • Bathurst 1983: Added expanded billboard crowds Updated circuit length and number of turns for track selection Ui layer
  • Cadwell Park: Removed next lap penalty if you runoff onto the grass at the final corner
  • Imola 2001: Fix minor perimeter barrier gaps


  • Increased speed threshold for F-Classic AI cars to produce undertray sparks
  • Fixed misspelling on dashboard of Nissan R89C & R390
  • Porsche GT1: Fixed LD bonnet bug
  • Ginetta GT4 SC: darker display when headlights on
  • McLaren F1 LM: Fixed speedometer bug
  • F-Tainer (both): Fixed rear right tire texture rotating in the wrong direction
  • F-Inter: Fixed windshield raindrops dynamics
  • User Livery Overrides: Group C helmets and race suits User Livery Overrides - Fixed Sauber C9 headlight and internal paint material Fixed Mercedes GT4 onboard paint material; Fixed F-Classic Gen4 disappearing driver

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