AMS 2 | Release Candidate der v1.4.7.0 veröffentlicht

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AMS2-Benutzer können jetzt den neuesten Release Candidate auswählen, derzeit V1.4.7.0 Build 2276 - um auf diesen Build zuzugreifen, rechtsklicken Sie auf Automobilista 2 in Ihrer Steam-Bibliothek, gehen Sie auf Eigenschaften -> Beta und wählen Sie den "ReleaseCandidate"-Zweig für das Dropdown-Menü.

Bitte beachtet, dass Nürburgring Historic in den nächsten Tagen auf dem Weg zur offiziellen Veröffentlichung noch mit weiteren Streckenobjekten bestückt wird.

Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.4.7.0



  • Added Nürburgring Historic 1971 featuring Nordschleife, Südschleife & Gesamtstrecke layouts (Part of Nürburgring DLC(


  • Added Stock Car Pro Series season 2023


  • Fixed wear state of all tires being reset in pit stops when less than four tires are changed
  • Fixed incorrect race 2 date for custom championships
  • Fixed champ editor incorrectly showing +1 lap for pre race sessions
  • Fixed track cut detection not working on some terrains (like the green area on the final chicane of Montreal)
  • Full servers are no longer hidden in Multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed rule preset selection issues when client doesn't have access to all DLC
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash if an unknown class was encountered in lobby list
  • Servers are now hidden from lobby list if it can be determined they contain content the client does not have the 3rd party content installed


  • Fixed white pixel in upper left of TTotW menu


  • Adjusted tire treads for all RWD TC Vintages & GT Classics; Adjusted carcass heating for BMW 2002
  • Further adjustments to extreme, intermediate, wet & slick tires handling of water on a wet track, correcting various inconsistencies


  • Fixed bug where the AI drivers would choose the race starting tyres based on the weather of the previous session
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted AI differential to fix inside tire smoking out of slow corners
  • F-Retro Gen3: Further AI calibration
  • Copa Truck: Fixed instant engine failure for some AI drivers during standing starts


  • Adjusted tire skid and scrub sound for BMW 2002 Turbo, Corvette 73, Lotus 23 and Mini Cooper S 1965
  • Revised starter timing and starter sound for: F-Vintage Gen1 M1, F-Vintage Gen2 M1, Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A, Brabham BT44, Brabham BT52, F-Retro V8, Lotus 72E, McLaren M23, Brabham BT46B, Brabham BT49, F-Retro Gen2, Lotus 79, Brabham BT52, F-Retro Gen3, McLaren MP4/1C
  • Corvette GTP: Corrected tire sound effects
  • Brabham BT52: Fixed missing starter sound & adjusted starter timing


  • Bathurst 1983: Expanded track side crowd density
  • Kyalami Historic: Corrected csm garage building wall material


  • F-Classic Gen4: Fixed driver position in M1 & M3
  • F-Vintage: Fixed low riding looking cars in Gen2: Adjusted tachometers for all models
  • F-Inter: modified interior texture for outside view to match the cockpit screen
  • User Livery Overrides: Added Cadillac DPi, Group A touring cars , GT Classics and Vintage Touring Cars Tier 1 and 2 helmets and race suits; Fixed BMW M1 Procar & Porsche RSR 74 helmets and suits; Fixed materials for Ginetta G58
  • BMW 2002: deleted right wiper artefact on the chassis 3d mesh
  • Added cracked glass effects for crashes in cars with glass windshields
  • Caterham Supersport: Add correct badge and headlights
  • Brabham BT49: Fixed cockpit tire bug

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