AMS 2 | Reiza hat das Update v1.4.7.1 inkl. dem histor. Nürburgring 1971 released

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Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v1.4.7.1


  • Fixed occasional CTD when viewing cars from trackside camera
  • Helmet liveries from specific drivers are now excluded from the random pool of helmets for other drivers that don't have one assigned
  • Fixed an issue where the player driver would use a random helmet livery instead of the assigned one
  • Fixed an issue where the AI drivers would be loaded with the wrong helmet liveries in saved replays, multiplayer and championship mode
  • Championship Editor: Fixed a potential crash when exiting class selection screen and add proper guidance that at least one class must be selected
  • Altered some default values (for G-Wheel) and improved / lowered on center knock that is felt with some cars (g-wheel)


  • Fixed FR next compound button on Edit Strategy page


  • Copa Truck: Fixed instant engine failure for some AI drivers during standing starts


  • Increased volume for ignition sound effect
  • Wastegate sound is now prevented from playing when RPM's are too low
  • Shortened engine shutdown sound timer; Prevented artificial engine sound volume bump for a more natural sounding startup
  • Mini Cooper: adjusted external sound for player and AI cars, adjusted starter timing and starter sound.
  • Stock Car Pro Series: Fixed incosistent tire sounds for Stock Corolla '21, '22, 23


  • Nürburgring 1971: Completed artwork for release and fixed reported issues
  • Cascais 1988: Fixed LOD on animated 3D crowds


  • F-Vintage Gen2: Corrected tachometer orientation
  • McLaren MP4/5B: Corrected steering wheel position for better cockpit display visibility; Fixed rear wing disappearing at a distance
  • Copa Montana: Fixed windscreen wiper texture issue

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