WRC 10 | KT Racing veröffentlichte das Januarupdate für alle Plattformen

Es gibt eine Menge zu entdecken, also überlassen wir euch den Rest, den ihr unten durchlesen könnt.

Alle relevanten Informationen zu den WRC 10 Patch Notes für das Januar-Update finden Sie im nächsten Abschnitt. Ihr solltet jetzt in der Lage sein, diesen neuen Patch auf PC und Xbox-Konsolen herunterzuladen und zu installieren, PlayStation-Spieler werden das Update im Laufe der Woche erhalten.

Changelog WRC 10 Januar-Update


New: Online Multiplayer Championship ModeAddition of the esports WRC Championship Mode (starting January 14)

New: Teams Online

  • In the Teams Online Mode, a player can only join or create a Team. To create a team you need to be at least Level 5.
  • Each week, Teams are competing on a special challenge set up by the game
  • Only a certain number of players from each Teams score points for the challenge, the number of players is set up in the challenge
  • At the end of each week, points are distributed to the Teams according to the ranking of their legitimate leaderboard players
  • Each seasons are 4 weeks long (and therefore are made of 4 challenges)

Anniversary Mode

  • The reference timing has been revised to make the events more accessible.

Spectator Mode

  • Custom liveries from other players are now visible in Spectator Mode

Livery Editor

  • Logos from certain esports Team of the 2021 esports WRC Championship have been added in the Livery Editor (esports section)


  • Fixed an issue in all rallies as some cars were sometimes not aligned with the starting line
  • Fixed the position of the Ford Fiesta 2017’s exhaust flame
  • Fixed a missing texture on the door of several cars

Controllers & Peripherals

  • Fixed icons and prompts on the Thrustmaster T80
  • The Haptic Feedback from the DualSense PS5 controller is now supported on PC*

Note: The Adaptive Triggers are not supported


  • Fixed several Localization issues

Quelle: KT Racing