AMS | Automobilista Hotfix V1.5.26 released

Changelog Automobilista Hotfix v1.5.26

  • Fixed a bug that could cause rotation range not being set for older Logitech wheels in some cases; Fixed G27 LEDs not working; Added old method for rotation range adjusting, can be triggered from controller.ini
  • Fixed CTD when going out on track in some cases with direct drive wheel controllers
  • Added Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Preset
  • Snetterton: Revised AIWs; Added garage walls & details; draw distance adjustments; Adjusted pit & start lights; Racing groove & other minor graphical updates
  • Puma Series: Added multiple performances to puma series
  • F-Classic: Fixed mistakenly committed audio experiment
  • SuperV8: Replaced Plasto Racing Team with Scuderia Basilea