AMS 2 | Neue Version veröffentlicht

nhaltlich führt Version drei verschiedene Modelle aus der historischen "Brazilian Hot Cars"-Serie ein, während Reiza weiterhin die Rennszene der 80er Jahre in ihrer brasilianischen Heimat Brasilien erkundet.

Außerdem enthält sie zahlreiche FFB- und physikalische Änderungen, wie unten aufgeführt. Da auch die KI einige bedeutende Änderungen erhalten hat, rät Reiza den Spielern, ihre KI-Stärkeeinstellungen zu senken, da die KI nach diesem Update schnellere Rundenzeiten veröffentlichen wird.

Changelog Automobilista 2 (AMS 2) v0.9.3.1


  • Added Hot Cars (Early 80s Brazlian Touring Car Series with 3 models)


  • Fixed missing Adelaide Historic loading screen
  • Fixed low-res AMS2 shortcut icon when generated by Steam
  • Show disabled text in lobby session info if practice/qual are disabled
  • Adjusted opacity of main HUD element containers
  • Fixed race over countdown
  • Added selected state to in-game chat text entry boxes
  • Fixed incorrect vehicle statistics for various touring car classics
  • Added missing F-Vee Fin statistic
  • Fixed track logos being retained from previous track selection when current doesn´t have one


  • Slightly refactored the way steering arm forces pass on to FFB (should provide a slightly “tighter” wheel around center)
  • Slightly reduced the filters that added in previous update,
  • Added soft lock for wheels that still didn´t have it (WIP).
  • Disabled Old Default FFB profil
  • FFB profiles with lockstops enabled and new exposed values in them.


  • Globally reduced slick grip on wet tracks
  • Revised aero efficiency losses with yaw for various cars
  • Super V8: Fixed error in steer lock range; Adjusted default ARB & camber settings
  • Revised F-Classic front & rear wing for more consistent downfroce increments accross proportional changes of wing angles
  • Reduced bumpiness over grass & gravel to address collision issues while running off-track
  • Fixed rear brake cooling in various formula cars
  • Revised restitution values for crashing into walls and barriers
  • Moved default brake bias slightly to the front for FWD cars
  • Reduced brake efficiency when cold
  • Fixed missing 5th gear in Gol / Passat Classic B
  • F-V10: Fixed error in fast damper range
  • F-Classic Gen2: Disabled redundant engineboost function
  • F-Ultimate:Slightly increased carcass load stiffeness
  • Adjusted Roco Aero balance & default setup
  • Opala: Fixed rear brakes
  • MCR S2000: Fixed missing rear tyre warmers
  • Fixed Ultima gearbox RPM tolerance in manual shifts
  • Fixed F-V10 loud Traction control sound
  • Fixed V-10 AI bouncing
  • Fixed Opala 1986 redundant rear left damper setting


  • AI performance multipliers for practice & qualifying sessions are now customized per car & proportional to their race performance
  • Improved AI skill when driving off the racing line & reduced range for factoring cars up ahead (improves their pace on initial laps & reduces hesitation while being passed)
  • Further boost to AI awareness when behind human players
  • Callibrated peak AI corner grip & grip multipliers resulting in better speed mid corner through slow / mid speed corners, more realistic speeds through fast corners
  • Improved AI skill when off the racing line (resulting in less 1st corner slowdowns and better pace over 1st lap)
  • Callibrated AI throttle application for all cars to better correspond with human ability
  • Reduced AI boost under braking during an overtake;
  • Reduced minimum straight lentgh for KERS / boost application
  • Improved AI ability through water puddles (less lifting off throttle)
  • Slightly bumped up AI speed under yellow & blue flags
  • Revised AI paths for Londrina (both layouts)


  • Updated TV cameras for Donington & Kansai
  • Kyalami: Updated curb textures
  • Jerez: Snap revised road noise; updated walls & barriers to latest standards; Add missing garage door collision; fixed garage door mapping/alignment
  • Montreal: Fixed bug causing cars to visually appear to float over track surface


  • Added cockpit windscreen reflections to Super V8, Ultima GTR Race, Ultima GTR Road, Touring Car Classics
  • Adjusted visual brake glow ranges
  • Fixed F-Classic G3M3 RPM bar
  • Adjusted various Fusca textures
  • F_Ultimate 2019: Added rain light
  • F-Vee: Added rain light
  • MCR S2000 new liveries / updates / redesign #10 #13 #19 #20 #21 #23 #24 #14
  • F-Trainer: new community skins #21 #22 #23 #24
  • MRX P3 revised liveries